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Protecting confidential information

Protecting your personal and confidential information from commercial misuse is vital to the success of any business.

In many cases, it can be your company’s most valuable asset, however, in today’s digital age, trade secrets can potentially be accessed across devices from anywhere in the world. And as such, the abuse of confidential information is becoming an ever increasing problem.

What options are available?

Protecting your commercial interests, at Linder Myers we can help you to:

  • Review the management of your confidential information. This involves determining what information you consider valuable, looking at how it is stored and identifying who has access to it. We will also help you to ensure that it remains secure and establish processes so that – should a leak occur – you can identify the source of the breach as soon as it happens
  • Establish and review non-disclosure provisions within employment contracts to help ensure that staff are aware of their obligations and allow you to bring swift and decisive legal action should a breach occur
  • Establish and review non-disclosure agreements with third parties. Helping to ensure that negotiations remain on your terms and reducing the risk of others stealing and leaking your trade secrets to a competitor
  • Establish and review your intellectual property rights to ensure the proper and effective use of trademarks, copyright and patents to help protect your business from attack
  • Navigate the Courts to enforce your rights and protect your business.

 Why choose Linder Myers?

At Linder Myers, our specialist team has experience dealing with the misuse of a broad range of confidential information, including business plans, financial information, client lists, blueprints, software codes, internal operational documents and emails. We react quickly and decisively to any leaks through the use of:

  • Emergency injunctions to stop information being used or accessed
  • Delivery up orders to require documents to be returned to you
  • Criminal contempt proceedings where orders are breached.

With extensive experience in helping to protect confidential information on behalf of our business clients, if you need specialised legal support, contact Linder Myers today. 

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