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Dilapidation claims arise when a tenant leaves a premises in disrepair. This can be either during the term of tenancy or when the lease ends. A claim can be made where there is a breach in the obligations that are required under the lease.

At Linder Myers Solicitors we help landlords by recovering any losses suffered where a tenant leaves a premises in disrepair. We help achieve a settlement for the necessary funds for repair and refurbishment (the tenant may either be required to do the work or pay the landlord damages equal to the cost of getting the work completed). Where appropriate we also help recover any loss of rent, service charges and professional fees whilst the property is off the market. We also help protect tenants against unfair claims from landlords.

With the cost of repairing a commercial property is often very high, dilapidation claims are often highly contested. If a resolution cannot be reached then the matter is often referred to the court.

Taking expert legal advice at an early stage can limit or ideally prevent the disputes from arising.

Without the right advice, planning landlords are at risk of suffering substantial financial losses due to such dilapidations.

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