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Flour poses a potential risk for bakery workers

Many of us enjoy bread freshly baked at our local supermarkets. However, for the staff baking the bread the results may be less than appetising.

In large bakeries, flour and other dust should be reasonably well controlled. In the confines of our local supermarkets, this is sadly not always the case. A number of supermarket workers have recently been diagnosed with ‘baker’s asthma’ having breathed in harmful levels of dust mostly from the bags of flour they are required to open and pour out.

If not properly controlled, this dust can be inhaled in significant quantities causing very unpleasant symptoms and potentially, loss of earnings if this results in days taken off sick.

We all take it for granted that an environment such as a bakery would not pose any health risks but sadly some large bakeries may not be implementing the correct controls and by not doing so, are putting their workers’ health at risk.

For decades now, the law has been clear that any exposure to dust is potentially harmful and should be avoided. The risks from asbestos dust are well known, but many other substances, such as flour, can cause serious health problems if not managed properly.

If you are concerned about breathing problems and think you have worked in a dusty environment, contact our team of specialists for advice on whether you may have a claim for compensation.


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Written by Jon Andrews. Find out more about Jon here. 

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