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Exit your Diamond Resorts (Europe) timeshare and avoid 2020 maintenance fees

If you want to avoid paying maintenance fees for 2020 and exit your Diamond Resorts timeshare then the time to act is now.

If you apply to Diamond Resorts and complete the necessary paperwork before the 1st September 2019, you can avoid paying maintenance fees for 2020 and be free from future liability.

Diamond Resorts are now allowing members to terminate their membership at no cost if members fall within the following exceptional circumstances:-

  • Death of either member with no possibility of transferring to family members.
  • Bankruptcy or CAB/Solicitor’s involvement to resolve a serious debt issue.
  • Over 75 years old with no possibility of transferring to family members.
  • Medical problem/terminal illness necessitating reduced travel and/or decrease in financial resources to maintain membership.

If you do not qualify for the exceptional circumstances then you can ask the resort to consider terminating your membership under its ‘Non-Qualified Relinquishment Option’ (NQRO). Under the NQRO you are required to pay 2 years maintenance fees upfront (2020/2021) in order to surrender your membership. You must also be up to date (or willing to bring up to date) any earlier maintenance fees.

If you opt to terminate under this provision then you are also required to waive any right you might have whether now or in the future to make a claim against the resort. For many of our clients, the prospect of not having any future liability to the resort is a significant factor and far outweighs any hope that they may one day be able to re-claim any monies paid to the resort which is by no means certain.

How can Linder Myers help?

If you would like assistance with terminating your Diamond Resorts membership before next years maintenance fees are due, please contact our team on  0800 042 0700.

For a limited time only our charges will be fixed at £500 plus VAT for instructions received before the 2nd August 2019. For this sum, we will contact the resort on your behalf and seek to terminate your membership to try to ensure that you no longer have any liability to the resort.

For further information about timeshare release, please do not hesitate to Call Us on 0800 042 0700, or email


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