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Employment Tribunal Compensation Limits to Increase on April 6th

From April 6th 2020, new limits on Employment Tribunal Compensation will come into force. The means the amount of compensation an individual can get from a successful claim has increased. An overview of these changes is below:

  • A week’s pay, for basic award and statutory redundancy purposes, increases from a maximum of £525 to £538 for all dismissals on or after 6th April 2020
  • The limit on the unfair dismissal compensation will increase to £88, 519 from £86, 444
  • Minimum amount of compensation where an  individual has been excluded or expelled from a trade union has increased from £9,787 to £10,022 
  • The limit on amount of guarantee payment payable to an employee in respect of any day will increase to £30 from £29.

    The full list can be found here.

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