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Elderly Abuse – The extent of the problem.

The extent of financial abuse within families is more of a problem than may necessarily be known.

Recent research by Brunel University in a number of areas has highlighted this as a problem which has been previously under-investigated. Of particular concern, when considering safeguarding referrals to Local Authorities, they indicate that financial abuse within the family accounts for around a third of the most commonly reported forms of abuse to a vulnerable person who often lacks capacity. The most common of such scenarios are those that happen within the family home and by those known to that person.

In circumstances where financial abuse has gone on it may be likely that a deputy will need to be appointed first and foremost to safeguard a vulnerable person from further financial abuse and thereafter investigate such circumstances which may result in the recovery of assets.

Here at Linder Myers, our Court of Protection team can assist if you suspect that a family member is being subject to financial abuse. We are able to act as professional deputy if needed to protect against this and also assist with investigations where there is concern.

If you would like further guidance on this topic, please do not hesitate to Call Us on 0800 042 0700 or email

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