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Eccles man appeals for witnesses following his father’s asbestos related death

Bryan Hughes Jnr of Tetlow Grove in Eccles, is appealing for witnesses who may have worked in the 1960’s with his father, Brian Hughes Snr, whose asbestos related death four years ago was due to exposure during his working life as a joiner.

Brian Hughes Snr worked for two Greater Manchester Councils and at the Dry Dock of the Manchester Ship Canal Company and died at the age of 76 as a result of mesothelioma just three months after he was diagnosed in 2012.

Witnesses are being sought to help with legal action mounted by Mr Hughes Jnr against his father’s employers during this period which included Stretford Corporation, now Trafford Council, and Eccles Corporation which is now Salford Council, and the Manchester Ship Canal Company.

Commenting on his appeal, Mr Hughes Jnr said: “My father was very active and had retrained to become a teacher in the late 1960’s, ironically because of the poor working conditions he endured as a joiner. My mother remembers him coming home from work covered in what we now know was asbestos dust. He never smoked and rarely drank alcohol so it was a shock to find out that he was suffering with mesothelioma after going to see his GP complaining of a dry cough and shortness of breath.

“My father was extremely distressed by the deterioration in the quality of his life in his final months. Having always been a very active personality, and the main carer for my mother, it was difficult for him to come to terms with the fact that he could no longer do those things. In the last couple of weeks before his asbestos related death he was unable to leave the house and needed to use an oxygen machine to help him breath. It was very difficult for me to see him like that.”

Sheila Costello, occupational disease specialist at Linder Myers solicitors said: “Mr Hughes Snr worked for the Eccles Corporation in the 1960’s as a joiner based at their depot in Clifford Street in Patricroft. He worked on the Brookhouse Housing Estate and Peel Green Road in Salford often repairing the asbestos filled roofs and lagging with no face masks or any other protection provided to him.

“During the course of his work, he would often have to drill and saw the materials used which exposed him to significant quantities of asbestos, a material widely used at the time, leading to his asbestos related death several decades later. He worked in the same capacity for Stretford Corporation.

“We’re keen to speak to anyone who may have either worked with Brian at the time, or whose parent or relative worked on those developments as we take legal action against the employers responsible for his health and safety.”

Until his death, Mr Hughes Snr was the main carer for his wife Dorothy, to whom he was married for 58 years and who suffered with Parkinson’s disease. Dorothy required 24 hour care and following her husband’s death, was looked after by her son until she passed away in June 2016.

Anyone with information who can help should contact Sheila Costello at Linder Myers solicitors on 0161 835 8823.


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