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Don’t let the rogue traders get away with it!

If you’ve fallen victim to a rogue trader over the Christmas period particularly, it can be an extremely distressing experience.

Just think about it, how would you feel if you had given your hard earned cash to someone who then refused to do any work? Or, even worse, they completed part of the job, causing damage to your property in the process for example, before then demanding more money to finish the job which is sadly a common scenario?

According to Action Fraud, consumers lose at least £6.6bn every year as a result of unfair trading. Elderly people in particular have suffered at the hands of unscrupulous tradesmen who have conned them into buying services they don’t need or are of sub-par standard.

However, help is at hand. As a consumer, you’re entitled by law to a certain level of care from any service provider. And from last year, tougher regulations have been put in place to ensure that people who have been misled into buying services they don’t want can take legal action.

But what should you do if you have engaged a tradesman and the work is just not of the standard you expected or they have failed to complete the work in a reasonable time?

Most reputable companies value their reputations so much that, as soon as you bring a problem to their attention, they will aim to resolve it quickly and satisfactorily. In many cases simply getting in touch with customer services or a senior member of staff will often resolve the issue.

Committed to guiding you through the process, the team at Linder Myers has created a handy free guide on your consumer rights.

With tips on how to deal with poor standards of service without appointing a solicitor, and advice on when it’s in your best interest to get us involved, download our quick guide to your consumer rights today.

Download our handy guide to find out more about how to resolve matters involving significant purchases and the steps you can take before engaging a solicitor

Written by Peter Kaye 

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