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Delayed diagnosis and treatment leaves woman permanently disabled

A woman who had undergone a successful hip replacement and beaten cancer, has been left permanently disabled due to a series of hospital blunders. Avoidable delayed diagnosis and treatment left her unable to live independently, living in constant pain and suffering depression.

A historic, and successful, hip replacement operation had improved her mobility and ensured she was free of pain but a few years later, she injured her leg and experienced significant pain. She was taken to hospital by ambulance as it continued into the following day.

A fracture was diagnosed by a locum doctor following x-ray results and she was admitted for surgery which was planned for the next day. The following day however, the surgeon advised that there was no fracture and an operation was not necessary.

Discharged from hospital with the advice to stay mobile with the use of crutches, the severe pain continued and a few days later, she returned to hospital and a review of the original x-ray resulted in a diagnosis of suspected bone cancer.

A bone scan was carried out to identify whether cancer was indeed present however, it was confirmed that there was indeed a fracture and that surgery may be needed but she was advised to walk as much as possible with fresh x-rays planned.

Following a number of medical appointments, corrective hip surgery was once again advised for serious consideration nearly 5 months after the original operation was due to take place. In the meantime, her doctor retired and the planned referral to another medical professional wasn’t carried out.

She eventually saw a doctor more than a year after her last appointment and hip revision surgery was recommended with the procedure carried out within three months. Due to the significant delay of 21 months before having the operation, which should have taken place during her initial hospital visit, she remains disabled.

The affected hip is now expected to fail within a decade and her other hip now also needs to be replaced but she is understandably reluctant to proceed with further surgery. Unable to walk more than short distances or to drive, she still experiences pain and depression as a result of her injuries.

Working with independent medical experts, we claimed that had the original diagnosis and treatment been carried out as planned, she would have made a full recovery and would now be living her life free of pain and disability. The NHS Trust involved admitted our claim of medical negligence and we secured a settlement of £500,000.

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