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Delay in diagnosis compensation claims advice

If you have had to suffer from a significant hold-up in the correct identification and treatment of an illness, condition or injury, you may be able to pursue a delay in diagnosis compensation claim.

A late or delayed diagnosis can have severe consequences on your health and affect your recovery, especially if you haven’t been able to access the medical support you require. Linder Myers can assist you in making your compensation claim, using their high level of experience in proving failed medical procedures to help you secure the right result.

Was my diagnosis delayed?

Linder Myers solicitors often deal with delay in diagnosis claims that have been caused by:

  • Delay in treatment
  • Incorrect diagnosis
  • Not following up on test results
  • Failure to refer you to a specialist

Our solicitors have also handled numerous claims for patients who have suffered from misdiagnosis caused by medical negligence. While delay in diagnosis compensation claim types can be particularly complex, we work hard to gather evidence as well as medical reports and opinions to confirm that the claimant has suffered unnecessarily from a late or wrong diagnosis.

Pursuing a delay in diagnosis compensation claim

Linder Myers understands that dealing with a delayed diagnosis can be stressful, as the physical and psychological harm can impact upon your finances, health and well-being. We also realise that it can be a particularly difficult time for family members pursuing a delay in diagnosis compensation claim as a result of the loss of a loved one. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing a professional yet sensitive legal service to all claimants, taking your needs fully into consideration.

With the support of Linder Myers, medical negligence claimants can gain access to the delay in diagnosis compensation they deserve. Contact a member of our team for a free initial consultation on 0800 085 3295.

Alternatively, contact us with details of your potential medical negligence claim by email at

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