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Cycle injury claim – what you need to know

It has been reported Bradley Wiggins has suffered a cycle injury following a crash with a van whilst he was riding near his home.

We would like to outline the basic details you need to obtain to enable you to start a personal injury compensation claim.

At the scene and if you are able to you should exchange details with the other person involved in the collision.

Gather together as much information as possible including the driver’s name, address, vehicle registration number these are the essential details you require.

If you can also obtain the insurer’s name along with policy number, make, model and colour of the vehicle that would also assist your claim.

Furthermore, if there are any witnesses to the accident and your cycle injury, take their names, addresses and telephone numbers.

In the event where you are taken straight to hospital for your cycle injury the Police should take the relevant details and pass these to you.

We can deal with technical issues that may arise from these claims and invite you to contact us to discuss your accident.

Our personal injury lawyers will always advise what is best for you if you have a cycle injury claim. Contact a member of our team on 0161 832 6972 or email a summary of your claim, with your contact details, to

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