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Inadequate Criminal Injuries Compensation

The low compensation awards awarded by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority have been highlighted in a recent high profile case. In 2008 Ben Kinsella, brother of actress and anti knife campaigner Brooke Kinsella, was murdered in a unprovoked knife attack. Ben’s parents applied for compensation to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and, as a result of that Application, Ben’s parents received the fixed bereavement award totalling £10,000.00.

Last week, Mr Michael Alleyne Sr, father of one of the youths who were convicted of Ben’s murder, received a compensation settlement from the Metropolitan Police which was double that amount received by Ben’s parents from the CICA. Mr Alleyne Sr alleged that he sustained a fracture ankle and an eye injury when the Police raided his flat in Islington on the morning after Ben’s murder. Mr Alleyne sort additional compensation for alleged negligence, trespassing and false imprisonment together with post traumatic stress disorder.

Such high profile cases highlight the sometimes vast difference in compensation pay-outs made by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority as compared to compensation received by incidences of alleged negligence which are processed through the Courts. Another high profile example occurred when the victims of the 2005 London bombings also received low compensation awards for their injuries.

The CICA is a public body administered and financed by the Ministry of Justice, a Government Department. Ultimately, it is tax payers money that funds the compensation pay outs The CICA scheme was recently updated in November 2012 and the recent changes to the CICA scheme last November have resulted in a reduction in a number of awards that the CICA can pay out for a victim’s injuries.

Anybody who has been the unfortunate and blameless victim of a crime of violence should consider bringing an application to the CICA. If presented with the necessary medical evidence, the CICA will award compensation to the victim for any physical or psychiatric injuries sustained during the crime of violence. The CICA will also consider any related claim for loss of earnings and medical treatment costs.

It is vital that the victim of an unprovoked attack reports the matter to the Police as soon as possible and thereafter cooperates with the Police during the subsequent criminal investigation. The victim must also seek medical treatment for their injuries as soon as possible. There is a 2 year time limit to bring an application to the CICA.

At Linder Myers we have vast experience in representing many clients who have been the victims of crimes of violence. Our firm’s experience in dealing with CICA claims enables us to properly advise the client on the merits of the application and to ensure that all of the necessary evidence is gathered to maximise the potential award.

Our personal injury lawyers will always advise what is best for you, contact a member of our team on 0161 832 6972 or email a summary of your claim, with your contact details, to

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