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Court of Protection Panel Deputy appointed

We are pleased to announce that Andrew Cusworth, Partner and head of the Trusts and Estates department of Linder Myers Solicitors, has been appointed to the official panel of Professional Deputies of the Court of Protection.

A Deputy is someone appointed by the Court of Protection to manage the financial affairs or welfare of a person who lacks the ability to do so for themselves.

The appointment follows an overhaul of panel deputyships by the Office of the Public Guardian, the administrative arm of the Court of Protection. The OPG invited applications from all interested parties to be made before October 2010.

Candidates were warned that the number of places available on the panel was to be cut from around 250 members to just 60 in total for England and Wales combined. The appointment is a fantastic achievement bearing in mind the limited number of places that were available.

The appointment means that the Court of Protection may now call upon Andrew to act as an independent Deputy for an incapacitated person, where there is no family member or friend able to act, or where the circumstances dictate that the person’s affairs would be better dealt with by an independent professional.

Andrew and the other solicitors comprising his team of Court of Protection specialists act for a large number of clients across the country who are under the jurisdiction of the Court of Protection, including sufferers of dementia, cerebral palsy, post traumatic stress disorder and impact brain injuries.

Andrew commented “the appointment to the panel is not just a personal appointment, but is in recognition of the hard work and expertise of all the members of the Court of Protection teams in our Manchester, Lancashire and Shropshire offices.”

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