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Couple cleared of child abuse unlikely to see their child again

A mother and father wrongly accused of child abuse are unlikely to see their child ever again.

The parents, who brought their baby to the hospital three years ago after it started bleeding from the mouth, have been cleared of all charges after it was discovered that the bruising and suspected fractures were caused by blood disease and vitamin D deficiency.

During investigations and the subsequent trial, the baby was put into foster care. However, as the child has now been formally adopted, it is unlikely that the family will be reunited.

The couple has vowed to fight the decision, and campaign for the law to be changed so something like this can never happen again.

Having a child placed in adoption or care, without parental consent, is one of the most painful events that a parent or child can endure.

The process, which is also known as state adoption, is only legally practiced in two EU countries: the UK and Croatia. ‘Forced adoption’ should only be used as a last resort for ensuring the well-being and safety of a child and legally, there are only two scenarios in which a court order can be obtained to remove a child from his/her family:

  • When the child is deemed to be at serious risk
  • When the parent(s) is incapable of giving consent to adoption e.g. a parent with a disability

Any child who falls under these criteria can be legally removed from a household.

Of course, there are situations where removing a child is necessary. What’s more there is a big difference care proceedings and adoption proceedings, with many processes that must be complete before a child can be legally adopted.

According to the Children and Families Act 2014, a child cannot be involved in care proceedings for more than 26 weeks before a final decision is made. However, this period can be extended if the court deems necessary. Which makes the outcome in this case even more heart-breaking.

Helping to shed some light on this subject, at Linder Myers we have created ‘The Parent’s Guide to Forced Adoption‘ for parents who are worried about their children being taking away from them without consent.

Read ‘The parent’s guide to forced adoption’

At Linder Myers, our solicitors are family law experts; specialising in cases of forced adoption and child care matters. Our experienced team can guide you through this often lengthy process and provide advice at every stage. Your first meeting with a solicitor will be free of charge, and we will give you a clear indication of the costs involved from the outset.

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