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Dealing with financial problems in your business – a guide for directors

Despite a nationwide fall in the number of corporate failures, for many businesses, insolvency remains a real and pressing concern.

However, economic difficulties don’t happen overnight, and by taking action early on - supported by sound legal advice - directors may be able to avoid insolvency altogether. If you are facing the threat of insolvency, this short guide contains pragmatic corporate recovery advice to help steer your business to a sound financial footing.

Find out

  • What corporate insolvency is
  • How to avoid corporate insolvency
  • What happens during insolvency
  • How to protect your business
  • How Linder Myers can help

Why choose Linder Myers?

Our lawyers have acted in a number of high-profile defamation claims, including for sporting and business figures. We have also defended claims on behalf of blue-chip companies, often in relation to publications which have been made online.

Our Commercial Litigation team can also provide pre-publication advice on the wording and content of material, where there is a risk of reputational damage.

We can advise individuals and companies on how to manage their reputations in the face of a media storm and unjustified publicity and are used to bringing and defending injunctions, often at short notice.

We can also advise clients on what to do when faced with a major data link and the steps which can be taken to protect confidential information.