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Continuing to help make Wills

The outbreak of Coronavirus has resulted in a new way of living for many of us.

Linder Myers is committed to continuing to provide an excellent service to our clients, even in this time of uncertainty.

Changing or updating your Will

If you would like to change or amend your Will, we remain open and are more than happy to help. Our telephone lines remain open and our lawyers are contactable via email and their mobiles.

We can discuss changes to your Will over the phone or via video call. Once we have received your instruction, we will proceed to draft a new document that will be sent to you for review. Once you have approved, and are happy with the new document, we will issue you a final copy for signing.

In normal times we would usually oversee the witnessing of your Will. However, following the social distancing guidelines issued by the Government, we will no longer be able to do. However, we will send you instructions on how you can sign your Will without the need to attend our offices. In exceptional circumstances, we will do our best to assist with the witnessing procedures, subject to compliance with the Government regulations.

Reasons to update your Will

We recommend a regular review of your Will, potentially every 5-7 years. The list below might help indicate whether your Will may need updating.

  • Are all your beneficiaries still alive/appropriate?
  • Are there new potential beneficiaries e.g. grandchildren
  • Have your assets changed so that legacies are now too large/too small?
  • Have your circumstances changed e.g. have you moved and changed the way in which your house is held with co-owners?
  • Have you disposed of items specifically given away in your Will?
  • Are all your executors still appropriate and willing/able to act?
  • Have you bought a funeral plan you want to make sure is recorded in your Will?
  • Are there inheritance Tax or Care fee issues that are troubling you?

Your local solicitor

Linder Myers is staying up to date with government announcements and will continue to act for our clients in the most effective way possible.

If you would like to discuss your current Will, or talk through any changes, please don’t hesitate to get in contact on 0800 042 0700 or email .  

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