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Consumers in the dark about ‘no win no fee’

A recent survey has highlighted that consumers are struggling to understand one of the most commonly used phrases in the legal profession ‘no win no fee’. The survey found that over 70% of consumers do not understand the concept and are largely unaware of the extent of the legal expenses covered within their insurance policies.

The phrase, no win no fee, is commonly used in medical negligence, personal injury and occupational disease compensation claims. It is also sometimes referred to as a ‘Conditional Fee Arrangement (CFA).

The survey, commissioned by the Legal Ombudsman, indicated that a large proportion of complaints about legal services were regarding unfulfilled no win no fee promises and confusion surrounding legal expenses covered within general insurance policies such as home contents insurance.

In separate research the Legal Ombudsman found that 40% of those surveyed had purchased some sort of legal expenses cover, yet nearly 75% of consumers were unsure of what was included and there was a general lack of understanding of the terms and conditions in place.

These findings highlight the need for consumers to be more clued up on their legal rights and access to help with funding expenses so they don’t get short changed or frustrated when making a claim.

As the legal industry faces considerable changes, there has never been a better time for consumers to get clued up on legal services.

At Linder Myers, we aim to make your claim easy to understand. We have dedicated solicitors who specialise in ‘no win no fee’ agreements and who will help you to understand the process of making a claim and any costs involved. For further information about what no win no fee means, and what you may be entitled to pay whether your claim is won or lost read our comprehensive frequently asked questions.

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