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Conducting a disciplinary investigation and hearing. A guide for employers

At some stage, most managers will have to deal with the thorny issue of employee misconduct. Tempting as it may be to go ahead and dismiss underperforming or misbehaving employees, in doing so, you could put your business at risk of disruptive and costly employment claims.

Throughout the disciplinary investigation and hearing process, it is vital that you adhere to a fair procedure, as established by case law.

This short guide provides some useful advice to help your business manage the employee disciplinary process, and reduce the risk of a successful unfair dismissal claim being made against your company.

Conducting a Disciplinary Investigation and Hearing web

Find out

  • Whether formal action is necessary
  • What to do before starting an investigation
  • How to conduct an investigation
  • What to do during the investigatory meeting
  • How to conduct a disciplinary hearing
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