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Concerns over the way a deputy, attorney or an appointee is acting for an incapable person?

As we continue to establish our specialism in this area, we are increasingly aware of instances where a deputy, attorney or appointee is thought to not be acting appropriately with an incapable person’s finances.

We often hear of, and see, instances where a deputy, attorney or appointee is either not providing enough money for the incapable person’s benefit or spending too much money having not established proper budgets. Being responsible for managing another’s finances is not always straightforward and some who choose to take on the responsibility regret the decision later down the line when the situation becomes too much for them to deal with. Often these people just need guidance and advice to get back on track. On other occasions it is agreed that the task is too great for them and they seek to be replaced.

There are though, situations where incapable people suffer from deliberate financial abuse form those who manage their affairs. It is imperative in these circumstances that you act quickly.

The Office of the Public Guardian (“OPG”) has a duty to investigate complaints made against deputies and attorneys. The OPG Compliance and Regulation Unit has a dedicated phone line for reporting concerns: 0115 934 2777.

To make a complaint or express a concern against an appointee you should contact the relevant Pension Centre and speak to the benefits supervisor responsible for the incapable person’s claim for benefits.

If you feel that you require assistance in making a complaint against a deputy, attorney or appointee please contact us on 0844 984 6444

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