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Cheshire widow appeals for witnesses following her husband’s asbestos related death

The widow of Ian Lamb, who died in 2011 just three weeks after being diagnosed with lung cancer as a result of asbestos exposure, is appealing for witnesses who worked at ICI in Northwich from the mid-1960’s as she launches a legal claim against the employer.

Mr Lamb was employed by Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) as a boiler man responsible for maintenance and repairs. His day to day duties often included cutting, removing, repairing and replacing pipes and lagging exposing himself unknowingly to harmful asbestos dust which led to his terminal diagnosis several decades later.

A father of two daughters Katherine and Kirsty aged 33 and 26 and a son Paul aged 37, Mr Lamb carried out his duties without any protection or warning from his employer of the risks involved.

His wife of nearly 40 years, Bridget Lamb from Knutsford said: “The diagnosis came as a complete shock and we are still grieving as a family. I’m appealing to anyone who may have worked at ICI in Northwich from1965 onwards, or to anyone who knows someone who was employed by ICI during this period who can help with our case.”

Representing Mrs Lamb, Sheila Costello, occupational disease specialist at Linder Myers Solicitors, said: “Asbestos exposure was sadly common until 1999 when use of the substance was banned. My client’s husband died aged just 60 having been unknowingly exposed to significant quantities of asbestos dust while carrying out his day to day duties at ICI.

“Symptoms can take several decades to present themselves and in Mr Lamb’s case he only had three weeks to live following a diagnosis of lung cancer. We’re very keen to speak to any of his ex-colleagues or anyone who knows someone employed by ICI from 1965 onwards as we seek further information about his working conditions.”

Anyone with information who can help should contact Sheila Costello at Linder Myers Solicitors on 0844 984 6485. Alternatively, contact us by email at

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