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Victims of childhood sexual abuse are more likely to report the incidents in their 40’s and 50’s

It seems that more and more victims of childhood sexual abuse are coming forward with the latest revelation coming from the football world.

Ex footballer Andy Woodward recently waived his anonymity to bravely talk about the sexual abuse he suffered in the 1980’s at the hands of his coach, who at the time, had a reputation for being an outstanding coach and talent spotter in the sport.

Revealing that he had been targeted from the age of 11 and suffered hundreds of rapes over a period of several years, the Football Association has since reacted by setting up a helpline for further potential victims.

Sexual abuse case highlights the long term damage suffered by victims

High profile reports on sexual abuse cases at the hands of public figures such as Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Gary Glitter to name a few, have arguably helped to encourage more victims of sexual abuse to come forward.

The Crime Survey for England and Wales however, reports that as many as 56% of the victims who participated in its research were survivors of sexual assault at the hands of someone closer to home.

Young army recruit death during military training may cast doubts over MOD’s duty of care

The unfortunate news of the death of a 21 year old Blackburn woman who died during basic military training in Surrey, is sadly one of a string of similar incidents in recent months. It is not known at this early stage whether the cause of death was of natural causes.

An investigation is currently underway to determine the cause of death which follows at least three similar fatalities during military training in the past three months. In September, the death of a 22 year old British soldier who drowned during a training exercise in Austria was reported. An inquest found that he had previously failed the Ministry of Defence’s swim test and should not have been permitted to participate in the white water rafting exercise.

As a new term starts, what do parents need to know about their child’s safety while on a school trip?

As thousands of children return to school this month, some parents may have a sense of apprehension following the tragic death of 12 year old Jessica Lawson who died while on a school trip to France in the summer.

The Wolfreton School in Hull pupil had joined the school trip to a watersports adventure centre with 23 other students accompanied by three staff from the school and died as a result of a swimming accident when she was trapped under a pontoon which overturned.

All schools have a health and safety duty of care to both employees and students while they are on school premises and while abroad on trips organised by them. The government advises schools that they could be liable under civil law for an incident where an individual under their duty of care is injured or dies as a result of negligence by them or their staff; or the organisation or staff of the place they are staying and activities they are doing while on a school trip.

Demi Moore pool death puts the spotlight on liability on private premises

The recent Demi Moore pool death, involving a young 21 year old man who drowned and died in the pool of the American actress, attracted widespread media headlines and suggestions that the Ghost star could be sued for his death despite not being at the property at the time.

Edenilson Steven Valle allegedly fell asleep while lying on a lilo in the pool of her Beverley Hills home and lost his life by drowning. It later emerged that he was a friend of one of Moore’s employees and was at her home while she visited her daughters.

While the shocking news reached the actress, American lawyers were releasing statements that despite her absence at the time of the incident, she could still be liable for the young man’s death.

Employer sued for ignoring health and safety in the workplace

Every employee is protected by law in relation to health and safety in the workplace. Unfortunately, some employers don’t take this seriously and individuals find themselves suffering health issues as a result, as was the case with a recent client who successfully won a personal injury claim against his employer.

Employers in England and Wales have a duty of care to ensure that the workplace is free of any health risk and to protect employees from any health hazards in their working environment.

Our client worked as a forklift driver responsible for keeping a construction yard organised and maintaining stock control. He noticed immediately that the yard was in a very poor state of repair with several large and deep potholes and although he raised this with his employer on several occasions, no action was taken to resolve the matter.

Graze on leg leads to serious bacterial infection following an accident at work

Many of us go to work with no risk of injury, but an accident at work can occasionally happen and what first appears to be a minor injury can escalate into something more serious, as was the case for a recent client.

Aged 39 at the time, he worked for a national timber and building materials supplier and part of his role was to collect mechanical diggers from construction sites.

Our client had standing instructions on the procedures he had to use when collecting equipment, but these were deficient and restrictive, meaning that he often still had to carry out manual lifting of heavy digger buckets to load them onto his truck.

Accident on no man’s land results in £34k personal injury compensation

An accident can happen at any time potentially causing significant injury. Accidents can happen anywhere, whether it be at work, in a shop, on a pavement, or in a road accident. But if an injury takes place on ‘no man’s land’ it becomes difficult to ascertain who would be responsible for ensuring public safety and would be liable for any accidents caused?

We recently acted for a gentleman who, following a usual night out at his local pub, had left the premises and lost his balance due to a broken and sunken kerbstone causing him to fall and suffer a fracture and dislocated lower leg and ankle.

Criminal injuries compensation claim arising out of the deliberate infection of the HIV virus

Criminal injuries compensation is available to those who have been either physically or psychologically injured as a result of a criminal act. This week a man was jailed for four and a half years by Leicester Crown Court after he was found guilty of deliberately infecting a former girlfriend with the HIV virus. The jury found the 32 year old man guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm upon his former girlfriend who he had a child with. The man knew that he was HIV positive but failed to tell his girlfriend during their two and a half year relationship.

The guilty man in this case drew heavy criticism from the Trial Judge, who called the man “utterly selfish, showing callous disregard” to his former girlfriend.

Sexual abuse victims win group action against Manchester City Council

Sexual abuse victims in Manchester care homes who launched a group action, involving more than 200 men, have settled their legal claims against Manchester City Council for a combined total of more than £1.7 million in damages.

Each of the victims had been subjected to physical and sexual abuse whilst residents at two care homes in Greater Manchester between the 1960s to the 1980s. Many of the victims were subjected to severe sexual assaults and some were forced to work as prostitutes, with the youngest victim being only five years old at the time of the abuse.

Child sexual abuse – financial help for victims

Victims of child sexual abuse are entitled to compensation as a result of the physical and / or psychological issues caused by the abuse. The sentencing yesterday of seven members of the Oxford paedophile sex gang brought to an end a lengthy trial which heard harrowing accounts from a number of victims of the gang who were repeatedly and sadistically sexually assaulted by the gang.

The victims told the Court how the gang members had groomed and brainwashed them before sexually abusing them and in some instances, the girls were also sold on to other paedophiles. Each of the seven gang members were yesterday given lengthy prison sentences, including life sentences for five of the gang members.

Rape convictions on the increase according to new figures

The number of rape convictions is rising in England and Wales.

A new government study has revealed that each year in England and Wales there are approximately 473,000 adult victims of sexual crimes, including up to 95,000 victims of rape. The study has been prepared jointly by the Ministry of Justice, the Home Office and the Office of National Statistics.

Domestic violence compensation is available to victims

Domestic violence compensation is available for individuals who have sustained physical and/or psychiatric injuries as a result of episodes of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is also known as domestic abuse and is defined as a pattern of behaviours by one partner against another. Usually the root cause of the domestic violence is the desire by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over the other partner in the relationship by way of a pattern of abusive behaviour. The abusive behaviour may be in many forms, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional, economic and psychological abuse.

Getting the right support in the event of personal injury

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