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Continuing to help make Wills

The outbreak of Coronavirus has resulted in a new way of living for many of us. Linder Myers is committed to continuing to provide an excellent service to our clients, even in this time of uncertainty. Changing or updating your Will If you would like to change or amend your Will, we remain open and…

New Start to the Year – Get your Affairs in Order – Part One

Often people consider writing their Will when they have suffered bereavement or a family member has been seriously ill. I have even come across people that are frightened of making a Will as they fear that once they have signed on the dotted line, they will meet their maker. I have to say it took me several years to persuade my father-in-law to make a Will, which he did a few years ago and guess what, he is still with us.

Proprietary Estoppel – What is it?

Proprietary estoppel provides a means by which a person may claim a right to property or land despite being legally documented. For example, if someone has promised that you inherit their property or land on death, but you subsequently find out that it is not reflected in their Will.

Digital Assets – what is it and how does it affect my estate?

Dealing with someone’s estate can be a burdensome task and at the same time you are faced with the ever expansion of the modern world and you now have to consider “Digital Assets”.

So what is a digital asset? It is simply personal property stored in digital form whether that be electronic or online and you may not realise that you own digital assets until examples are given.

New increase on Probate Court fees to hit UK families

The Ministry of Justice has now confirmed that the Government is pressing ahead with substantial increases in Probate Court fees.

This decision arises despite arguments against the move by The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, Solicitors for the Elderly and the majority of respondents to the Government consultation process.

Wills, Lifetime Gifts and Care Fees

Many people these days are worried about the impact future care fees may have on their ability to leave their property to the next generation, specifically the value which may be tied up in the family home. Consider this scenario: Mr & Mrs A jointly own their family property worth £150,000. Mr A dies and…

Worried about the financial future of your disabled child?

A recurring anxiety expressed by parents of a disabled child is what will happen to the child after the parent’s death, when they are no longer around to provide financial support. The importance of sensible estate planning cannot be over-emphasised in these circumstances and professional advice will be invaluable in helping you to understand the…

New Court of Protection Guidance on Covert Medication

In care home settings it is an extremely common practice for medication to be secretly administered to residents who lack mental capacity; maybe by being hidden in food, or simply by being given to them without explanation. This is most commonly done purely to ensure compliance with a medication regime. Whilst medication should be prescribed…

First Successful CQC Prosecution Against Care Provider

Following the Mid Staffordshire NHS Inquiry and the introduction of new care standards, the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 created a clear duty for care providers to provide safe care and treatment to service users. A failure to meet this duty which results in avoidable harm, or a significant risk…

Dementia and the Importance of Professional Legal Advice

Dementia is never far from the news and is currently receiving unprecedented public focus. Recognised as a public health priority by the World Health Organisation, it is also a personal priority of the Prime Minister who launched his national challenge in 2012 and 2015 to: “deliver sustained improvements in health and care, create dementia friendly…

Unlawful deprivation of liberty – do you have a case?

This is an area of law which is undergoing significant change yet which is of profound significance for vulnerable individuals. The following provides a brief overview of the current position. Human Rights Act 1998 Article 5 of the Human Rights Act 1998 enshrines an individual’s right to liberty. However those deemed to be ‘unsound of…

D-Day for DevoManc

1st April 2016 is a hugely significant day for Greater Manchester. It’s the day which Central Government passes control of a £6 billion health and social care budget to the health and local authorities of Greater Manchester. Manchester’s health devolution budget – commonly referred to as DevoManc – is a development that will be watched…

Winter Blues for the NHS and the Elderly

According to the latest statistics, January 2016 was a terrible month for the NHS. Performance data shows that the NHS missed almost all key waiting time targets, ranging from routine elective surgery to emergency A&E care. As the Guardian reports: “The data shows that 212,136 patients waited more than the maximum four hours to be…

Inheritance Tax and the Residential Nil Rate Band

With the property market on the rise across England and Wales, more and more houses are increasing in value. While, for homeowners, this is good news, house price appreciation does have a less positive consequence when it comes to inheritance tax liability. For Will planning, a person’s estate is the total belongings left after they…

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