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Asbestos exposure – recognising the symptoms

Asbestos use in building work is old news. However, sadly with this material – which was widely used in a range of industries and buildings from schools to residential properties, offices to warehouses from the 1940’s onwards, the symptoms of exposure often only manifest themselves several decades later.

Injury at work – exposure to hazardous materials

In April 2013 the Lord Justice Jackson reforms were introduced. Intended to overhaul the cost of the Civil Justice system and combat the rising cost of insurance premiums, as part of these reforms strict time limits for solicitors to submit evidence in personal injury cases came into play. Unfortunately however these deadlines have not been met by many solicitors, leading to fears that entirely winnable personal injury claims could now be lost.

Consumers in the dark about ‘no win no fee’

A recent survey has highlighted that consumers are struggling to understand one of the most commonly used phrases in the legal profession ‘no win no fee’. The survey found that over 70% of consumers do not understand the concept and are largely unaware of the extent of the legal expenses covered within their insurance policies.…

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