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What permission do you need for ‘change of use’?

Covid has changed the way we work. Hundreds of companies are discovering that the service they provide can be done by employees working from home, and in many cases, it’s been found to be far more financially viable to have a team that telecommutes and uses Zoom for meetings, rather than having a bricks-and-mortar office.…

COVID-19: Frustration of Contracts

The impact of COVID-19/Coronavirus has shaken society all across the world, both personally and professionally.  For businesses, many may have engaged in contracts prior to the pandemic that has not been completed or fulfilled, or have been delayed or hindered due to the lockdown that followed the outbreak.  In these uncertain times would it be fair…

A guide to flexible furlough

Furlough leave was introduced in the UK back in March 2020 to help reduce the number of job losses expected as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The Government has now introduced more flexibility to the scheme, allowing employees on furlough leave to be brought back into work part-time from July 1st. The furlough scheme…

Is your Force Majeure clause effective?

The Coronavirus has had a huge impact on our day-to-day lives. The full impact on the economy is yet to be seen, however, many businesses are starting to struggle. The news is already reporting that supply chains have been disrupted, certain products are harder to source and some companies are unable to fulfil their contractual…

Fire Safety after Grenfell

In the aftermath of Grenfell there has been growing pressure from Local Authorities and enforcement measures taken by Fire Authorities on owners of large builds to ensure fire hazards attributable to inappropriate external cladding are addressed.

Exit your Diamond Resorts (Europe) timeshare and avoid 2020 maintenance fees

Each year, thousands of Brits are cold called or approached in the street to be hailed as “competition” winners or presented with offers of “free holidays”. The catch being you have to attend a presentation in order to claim your “prize”.

The presentation is a high pressure sales pitch which can last several hours with many people finding it difficult to leave without signing up for a Timeshare, a decision they often later live to regret.

Is calling someone a profanity at work harassment or office banter?

Harassment is a form of unlawful discrimination and can include behaviour that individuals find offensive even if it’s not directed at them, and even if they do not have the relevant protected characteristics themselves. It is important for an employer to be able to recognise harassment in the workplace to reduce the risk of an employee lodging an employment tribunal claim against them. Therefore it is in every employer’s interest to promote a safe, healthy and fair environment in which people can work in.

Mass Redundancies and Protective Awards

When a firm makes more than 20 or 100 people redundant such as through closing down a factory site, very special rules apply as to an employer’s obligations to its workforce. Failure on the Employer’s part such as when closures occur out of the blue and almost overnight can lead to employees being able to make a claim even if the company has gone into administration or liquidation and the company no longer exists. Most typically the claim is for what is known as a Protective Award.