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New build disputes: what can you do?

Buying a new build may seem like a great idea. The property you’re buying is quite literally brand new, it’s been finished to building regulation standards, and the developer is still in the chain so if anything goes wrong, you can get them to sort it out. Right? Well, no, not always. Dealing with new…

Neighbour Disputes
Buying and Selling a Property FAQ

Buying or selling a house is a major event in anyone’s life. It is the most substantial financial transaction most people will undertake and could also be one of the most stressful. Our helpful guide answers some of the most common frequently asked questions that arise during the process.

Property fraudsters – who is to blame?

It is commonplace for a legal professional to request proof of identification from their client at the beginning of any legal transaction. For a conveyancer, verifying their client’s identity is a particularly heavy burden to bear. Not only does a conveyancer owe a duty of care to their client, but also to their client’s lender…

A short guide to taking in a lodger

With many people still struggling to get on the property ladder and continued demands for more affordable accommodation, if you are a homeowner considering renting out a room in your home, our residential conveyancing solicitors have created a short guide with some handy advice on how to protect your interests and maximise return.

Guide to relocation conveyancing

We hope this guide will help you to understand the legal procedures involved in the relocation scheme operated by your relocation company. It is assumed that your employers/your relocation company have already supplied you with detailed information as to the operation of the relocation scheme and your exact entitlement under it, that you understand how…

Guide to buying a new build property

The purchase of a newly-built property is a completely different experience than dealing with the conveyance of an existing property. At  Linder Myers we have specialist lawyers who are experienced and familiar with the procedure and legal documentation associated with a new build. Using our Case Management System and Internet based case tracking systems we are…