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The parent’s guide to forced adoption

Having a child placed in adoption or care, without parental consent, is one of the most painful events that a parent or child can endure.

In the majority of adoptions, the biological parent(s) legally relinquishes parental responsibility of the child. Compulsory adoptions, however, take place despite of the parents’ express wishes. For parents who have had their children taken away without explicit consent, there are a number of issues and concerns which could potentially arise.

Carol’s Story – A Disputed Will Case Study

When Tony married Carol his new found happiness unfortunately caused a rift with the children from his first marriage, now all in their 30s. Eventually Tony became estranged from his children for a period of almost ten years. After Tony’s death this rift resulted in a dispute against Tony’s Will.

Getting back to work following a spinal injury

At Linder Myers, we understand that this desire to work doesn’t change or diminish if you suffer a spinal injury. Work matters to people. Having the right job can have a positive impact on our overall quality of life, often boosting our happiness and giving us a real sense of wellbeing.

A short guide to taking in a lodger

With many people still struggling to get on the property ladder and continued demands for more affordable accommodation, if you are a homeowner considering renting out a room in your home, our residential conveyancing solicitors have created a short guide with some handy advice on how to protect your interests and maximise return.

What is no win no fee?

Linder Myers is able to offer no win, no fee agreements to help fund personal injury or a clinical negligence cases. This means that you lose your case, you don’t pay anything. However, as the result of recent Government legislation, the way in which no win, no fee arrangements operate has changed. There are separate…

Part 36 Offers

What is a Part 36 offer? A Part 36 Offer is a formal offer to try and settle a claim. The offer can be made by either the Claimant (the person making the claim) or the Defendant (the person whom the claim is being made against) at any time during a claim. What does a…

A complete legal guide to divorce and separation

How to make your divorce process as painless as possible. A divorce or separation can be an emotional and difficult time for any couple. This guide provides information and advice on the divorce process in order to help you fully understand what to expect and what you need to think about when separating from your…

FAQs for neighbour disputes

Our legal team have answered common questions relating to neighbour disputes. Simply click on the question below to find out more about what you can do to resolve such disputes with neighbours.

Maternity allowance guide

Women make up nearly half of the UK workforce and more than 80% will become mothers. Employers should have an up-to-date understanding of maternity rights including Statutory Maternity Pay and Maternity Allowance to allow for the fair, legal treatment of the parent-to-be.

Medical misdiagnosis claims – what do you need to know?

It is critical for medical practitioners to correctly diagnose symptoms so that patients are given the right medical treatment and medication, patients who have suffered things going wrong may be eligible to make a medical misdiagnosis claim.

However, mistakes can sometimes occur. If your health and wellbeing has been affected by a medical misdiagnosis, get in contact with Linder Myers on 0800 085 3295 for a free initial consultation. Alternatively, email a summary of your claim to

Delay in diagnosis compensation claims advice

If you have had to suffer from a significant hold-up in the correct identification and treatment of an illness, condition or injury, you may be able to pursue a delay in diagnosis compensation claim.

A late or delayed diagnosis can have severe consequences on your health and affect your recovery, especially if you haven’t been able to access the medical support you require. Linder Myers can assist you in making your compensation claim, using their high level of experience in proving failed medical procedures to help you secure the right result.

Medical negligence compensation claims

If your physical or psychological health has suffered or worsened as a result of substandard medical care, you may be entitled to claim for medical negligence compensation. Linder Myers has specialist solicitors who can expertly handle the claim on your behalf. Driven to achieve justice for people who have been harmed through no fault of…

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