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When can you claim for medical negligence?

While our NHS is the envy of the world, unfortunately, some people will have a bad experience with a medical professional at some point in their life. A rude or abrupt GP or a less than sympathetic nurse can be frustrating, but when does a ‘bad experience’ turn into negligence? Medical negligence is a serious…

A guide to diabetes related amputations

Why are diabetes related amputations becoming an increasing problem and how can you avoid becoming another statistic? This short guide provides advise on the level of medical care diabetics are entitled to, how to avoid problems arising in the first place, and what you can do if you do suffer a diabetes related amputation and you believe this was due to medical negligence.

Getting back to work following a spinal injury

At Linder Myers, we understand that this desire to work doesn’t change or diminish if you suffer a spinal injury. Work matters to people. Having the right job can have a positive impact on our overall quality of life, often boosting our happiness and giving us a real sense of wellbeing.

Medical misdiagnosis claims – what do you need to know?

It is critical for medical practitioners to correctly diagnose symptoms so that patients are given the right medical treatment and medication, patients who have suffered things going wrong may be eligible to make a medical misdiagnosis claim.

However, mistakes can sometimes occur. If your health and wellbeing has been affected by a medical misdiagnosis, get in contact with Linder Myers on 0800 085 3295 for a free initial consultation. Alternatively, email a summary of your claim to

Delay in diagnosis compensation claims advice

If you have had to suffer from a significant hold-up in the correct identification and treatment of an illness, condition or injury, you may be able to pursue a delay in diagnosis compensation claim.

A late or delayed diagnosis can have severe consequences on your health and affect your recovery, especially if you haven’t been able to access the medical support you require. Linder Myers can assist you in making your compensation claim, using their high level of experience in proving failed medical procedures to help you secure the right result.

Medical negligence compensation claims

If your physical or psychological health has suffered or worsened as a result of substandard medical care, you may be entitled to claim for medical negligence compensation. Linder Myers has specialist solicitors who can expertly handle the claim on your behalf. Driven to achieve justice for people who have been harmed through no fault of…

Medical negligence compensation

If you believe that your health has suffered after receiving a substandard level of medical care or treatment, you may be entitled to claim compensation for negligence. Linder Myers has a specialist medical negligence department who can help you get the financial and medical support you need for both now and the future. Highly experienced…

Medical negligence compensation: how to give your claim the best chance of success

Medical negligence by a healthcare provider can often result in the deterioration of an existing condition and/or lead to an injury that would not have occurred if the care provided had not been negligent, medical negligence compensation is available to those who have been seriously injured in these circumstances.

Proving that medical negligence has occurred, and that this negligence has caused a patient to suffer and therefore be entitled to medical negligence compensation, can be difficult. While success is never guaranteed as medical negligence can be difficult to prove, this hasn’t stopped Linder Myers from successfully securing settlements for many clients.

What could the cerebral palsy compensation fund include payment for?

Brain damage and cerebral palsy can be severely disabling and often has a devastating effect on family life. It is vital to obtain financial compensation to cover the costs of care and to provide financial security for the lifetime of the injured person. Through a cerebral palsy medical negligence claim, compensation can be recovered to help cover these.

Living with cerebral palsy can affect the whole family

Living with a child with cerebral palsy can impact on parents and siblings. It can be traumatic as well as physically, emotionally and financially stressful. A compensation fund can at least help to make life a little easier and provide for care and specially adapted accommodation, making family life as normal as possible.

Delayed diagnosis: could you make a medical negligence claim?

Packed GP waiting rooms, hours of queuing at A&E, and indefinite waiting lists are all a matter of course in the NHS – we’ve all come to expect a few delays. However, for some patients a delay could mean the difference between full recovery and permanent harm, or even death. Sadly, medical negligence solicitors are seeing an increasing number of these claims.

Patient care in question as 95 year old woman is left on hospital trolley for 28 hours

An investigation has been launched into Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust as the supervising trust for East Surrey Hospital after a 95-year-old patient was left abandoned on a hospital trolley for over 28 hours.

The incident followed emergency admission by ambulance to the Accident & Emergency Department, whereupon the patient was wheeled into an ante-room. The patient was ‘admitted’ via the Accident & Emergency computer system, resulting in the patient’s son being notified of admission.