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The parent’s guide to forced adoption

Having a child placed in adoption or care, without parental consent, is one of the most painful events that a parent or child can endure.

In the majority of adoptions, the biological parent(s) legally relinquishes parental responsibility of the child. Compulsory adoptions, however, take place despite of the parents’ express wishes. For parents who have had their children taken away without explicit consent, there are a number of issues and concerns which could potentially arise.

A complete legal guide to divorce and separation

How to make your divorce process as painless as possible. A divorce or separation can be an emotional and difficult time for any couple. This guide provides information and advice on the divorce process in order to help you fully understand what to expect and what you need to think about when separating from your…

Child Care Proceedings jargon buster

Recognising that Child Care Proceedings can be very complex we aim to always speak to our clients in jargon-free language wherever possible. Below are some common terms that are used in these circumstances. Children Act 1989 This is the main Act of Parliament which deals with the law relating to applications concerning children, for example,…

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