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Carol’s Story – A Disputed Will Case Study

When Tony married Carol his new found happiness unfortunately caused a rift with the children from his first marriage, now all in their 30s. Eventually Tony became estranged from his children for a period of almost ten years. After Tony’s death this rift resulted in a dispute against Tony’s Will.

Disputed Wills & Probate jargon buster

Recognising that Disputed Wills & Probate is a very complex area of law we aim to always speak to our clients in jargon-free language wherever possible. Below are some common terms that are used in these cases. Beneficiary This is the person who is entitled to receive something from a Will or trust. This could…

Help for beneficiaries

Below are some of the more common questions we are asked by beneficiaries when it comes to Disputed Wills and Probate. Please click on the questions below to find out more.