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COVID-19: school closures and working parents

On Friday 20th March 2020, the decision was made by the UK Government to close all schools for the foreseeable future, in a bid to try and delay the spread of coronavirus.  In addition to schools, both public and private, the decision included all childcare settingsincluding nurseries and childminders and further education colleges – putting an…

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme: the forgotten employees

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme was launched to support employers during the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic and reduce job losses. However, in this developing situation a fair amount of questions have been asked around eligibility and monitoring. The Government has now clarified that only employees who were on their employer’s PAYE payroll on…

Coronavirus employment law issues: what you need to know

The coronavirus pandemic has, understandably caused a fair amount of panic amongst business owners as they work to understand the impact on their business. In response, the speed that many employers are making decisions to terminate employee’s employment or place employees on furlough leave is accelerating. However, this in turn is increasing the risk of employers…

Unwrapping the Issues of Divorce at Christmas

Once the tinsel has been removed, the tree taken down and the last of the leftovers eaten, the end of the Christmas period can bring a hard realisation to the troubles that may have been hidden in the rush of preparation. New Year – New Beginnings The stresses of the Christmas period often stem from…

Timeshare FAQ’s

Our team of specialist timeshare solicitors regularly act on behalf of individuals in dispute with various timeshare resorts. What is Linder Myers’ success rate? Each client’s circumstances are different, involving different facts and resorts, therefore we cannot comment on individual cases without carrying out an initial assessment. You should be reluctant to deal with anyone…

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