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Timeshare FAQ’s

Our team of specialist timeshare solicitors regularly act on behalf of individuals in dispute with various timeshare resorts. What is Linder Myers’ success rate? Each client’s circumstances are different, involving different facts and resorts, therefore we cannot comment on individual cases without carrying out an initial assessment. You should be reluctant to deal with anyone…

Breaking bad or breaking even – how to turn break clauses into an advantage

Including break clauses in commercial property leases allows both tenants and landlords the flexibility to terminate a lease before the agreed fixed term has expired and both parties can turn break clauses into an advantage.

The economic downturn has resulted in an increased number of landlords agreeing to break clauses in a bid to make their properties more attractive to businesses. While this allows some flexibility for both parties, these can prove to be the danger that knocks however.

Don’t let the rogue traders get away with it!

If you’ve fallen victim to a rogue trader over the Christmas period particularly, it can be an extremely distressing experience.

Just think about it, how would you feel if you had given your hard earned cash to someone who then refused to do any work? Or, even worse, they completed part of the job, causing damage to your property in the process for example, before then demanding more money to finish the job which is sadly a common scenario?

Consumer rights and #bendgate

You may have seen the above hashtag trending on twitter or come across it in the mainstream media. The moniker relates, of course, to claims made by several iPhone users that Apple’s latest release, the iPhone 6 Plus, had bent whilst in their pockets. Apple argues that such issues would be rare where the phones were only subject to normal use.

Initial reports of #bendgate were quickly followed by a torrent of social media reaction and viral videos of purchasers testing the integrity of their latest smartphone. No doubt if you step into an Apple store over the coming days, you will see a group of teenagers covertly attempting to test the ‘flexibility’ of the new models themselves.

Licensing Act – A Summary

Licensing is now controlled by the 2003 Licensing Act. If you want to sell alcohol, serve hot food between certain hours, and promote live entertainment such as dancing or shows, you will need a licence under the Act The Act stipulates that any person or company who wishes to pursue activities covered by the Act…

Consumer Credit Act – A Summary

All dealings between banks, finance houses, other lenders and their consumer customers (the Act will not regulate agreements where the borrower is a limited company) are regulated in some way by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (most recently amended by the Consumer Credit Directive). An agreements that fail to meet the criteria as set down by the…

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