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Cancer diagnosis – why time is of the essence when receiving this news

For most people their doctor breaking the news of a cancer diagnosis is the last thing they want to hear. For many however, it would actually have been better if they had received the news earlier.

Cancer, like many medical conditions is best diagnosed early. Most patients therefore have to rely on their GP or A&E staff to identify those ‘Red Flag’ symptoms and receive an urgent referral and investigation or screening systems.

Unfortunately these Red Flags can be missed and the opportunity for an early cancer diagnosis, and improved chance of survival, can be lost.

Making a medical negligence claim following a delayed cancer diagnosis

Too often a delayed cancer diagnosis means that treatment options are lost, or the treatment that is available is more severe. Even if a cure is found you can be left with life changing side effects from treatment. If you might have avoided these problems if the cancer had been diagnosed earlier it may be possible to make a medical delayed diagnosis claim. Depending on your particular circumstances this may include a claim for the aids and equipment you require to live a full life and for the financial losses which flow from these.

For many people, their first concern on being told they have cancer is “how will my family cope when I no longer here?” If the opportunity for a cure has been lost it is possible for your family to claim for the ongoing cost of your passing. This means that not only can you claim for the loss of your income to ensure that your family continues to be provided for, but also for the cost of the loss of the care and help that you provide to your family.

For example, if you are a mother and your partner needs to go out to work to support the family, the cost of childcare to help them to continue to do that can be claimed. Similarly if you do a lot of DIY around the house and now someone will need to be paid to do these jobs, this cost can be claimed. Clearly compensation can never replace you and the loss felt by your family, but it can help to ensure that money is not a worry for those left behind.

If you get that dreaded diagnosis it is worth considering the problems you have been experiencing that led to this diagnosis; how long have you been having these problems and how many times you sought medical advice before you were diagnosed. The longer they have been there, and the more times you have sought help for them and been sent away the more likely your diagnosis may have been delayed and you may be able to make a claim.

Linder Myers Solicitors has one of the largest and most experienced team of specialist clinical and medical negligence lawyers in England and Wales. We are readily able to listen and discuss incidents of negligence involving a doctor, healthcare professional or hospital staff member.

Our team has dedicated solicitors who specifically deal with varying types of medical or clinical negligence. We have helped numerous clients to claim compensation and understand the type of concerns you or a family member may have after receiving negligent care or having experienced a delay in the provision of treatment.

Our solicitors can advise on making a formal complaint, assist with representation and provide guidance on how to pursue a medical / clinical negligence legal claim.

For an informal and free discussion please contact a member of the medical negligence team on 0800 085 3295. Alternatively, please email a summary of your potential claim and contact details to

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