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£5.1 million secured for a young boy who suffered serious brain injury as he walked home from school

It was just another day at school when our client’s 11 year old son made his way across the road on his way home after school but he didn’t make it as a negligent driver hit him knocking him unconscious. He needed to be resuscitated at the scene and the collision caused a number of serious injuries including a fractured pelvis, a clot in his lower limb and significant brain injury.

The driver seemingly had not seen our client’s son crossing the road, he was driving over the limit for that stretch of road and also failed to either slow down or stop the car following the accident.

Rushed to hospital, it was unclear whether our client’s son would survive his injuries and an operation removing bone from his skull was carried out and a tube inserted in his neck and stomach. A further operation was carried out to replace the bone removed but this led to an infection which required a further operation and intensive antibiotic therapy.

A very worrying and upsetting period followed for our client and her family with her little boy spending 14 days in intensive care before being transferred to the hospital’s general ward and neuro-habilitation ward where he spent a further 7 months missing nearly a whole year at school as he recovered from the accident which only took a few seconds.

We were instructed to make a claim against the driver and received reports that our client’s son was at risk of developing epilepsy as a result of the incident and had been left with significant physical and cognitive disability which includes reduced mobility; impaired swallowing; difficulty with communication and weakness on the right side of this body.

A settlement of £5.1 million was reached to help in his continued recovery covering the cost of any future needs arising from the injuries sustained as a result of the avoidable accident which included brain injury.

If you, or someone you know, has been affected by a road accident which has caused brain injury contact one of our experienced personal injury specialists.

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Written by Andrew McBride. Find out more about Andrew here. 

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