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Ban on tenant evictions extended by a further four weeks

The ban on tenant evictions that was set to end on August 23rd has now been extended by a further four weeks. Introduced back in March, the emergency legislation protects tenants from eviction due to missed rent payments in England and Wales. This was prompted by the expected job losses and reduced wages anticipated as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Initially introduced for three months, the ban was set to end on June 23rd but was extended by two months to August 23rd. On Friday 21st August, a further extension was announced for four more weeks until 20th September.

While this is welcome news to troubled tenants, some struggling landlords will undoubtedly be reviewing their options. The UK government is encouraging landlords and tenants to work together during this time, despite many landlords struggling to accept yet another extension, in addition to the introduction of six-month notice periods for future evictions. Following the previous extension, we reviewed the options available to landlords at this time here.

The BBC recently spoke to members of landlords’ group that believe they are ‘footing the bill’, and ‘being left powerless in exercising their legal right to deal with significant arrears unrelated to COVID-19’ as tenants abuse the system and leave landlords facing months of loss of earnings.

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