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Supreme Court ruling is good news for asbestos victims

The Supreme Court has today issued a judgement which should help many asbestos victims to gain access to compensation that would otherwise have been denied to them.

Some insurance companies had previously argued that they should not have to pay damages on industrial disease claims where they insured businesses and other organisations that exposed workers to asbestos many years ago, because asbestos related disease did not actually develop until many years later.

They argued that the insurance company who insured the employer when the disease developed (when the symptoms were discovered) should pay out on the claim. Often, the employer would by then have closed down, and would obviously not have insurance at that time, leaving the former employee and their family empty handed.

The UK Supreme Court have now decided that the insurance company which provided cover at the time of exposure to asbestos should have to pay the damages, and this will be welcomed by many asbestos victims and their families.

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