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Graze on leg leads to serious bacterial infection following an accident at work

Many of us go to work with no risk of injury, but an accident at work can occasionally happen and what first appears to be a minor injury can escalate into something more serious, as was the case for a recent client.

Aged 39 at the time, he worked for a national timber and building materials supplier and part of his role was to collect mechanical diggers from construction sites.

Our client had standing instructions on the procedures he had to use when collecting equipment, but these were deficient and restrictive, meaning that he often still had to carry out manual lifting of heavy digger buckets to load them onto his truck.

Whilst our client successfully completed this task (with surprisingly no injury to his back given the significant weight of the buckets), the ‘teeth’ of the bucket grazed his lower left leg cutting his skin.

Given the type of work the diggers were used for, in this case digging around sewers, the dirt and bacteria which came with it, turned what initially appeared to be a superficial injury into a serious bacterial skin infection.

The infection progressed into sepsis which can be life threatening and results in the immune system going into overtime. If left untreated, this can lead to multiple organ failure. Thankfully, he received treatment of antibiotics and was also prescribed anti inflammatory agents which brought the swelling in his leg down and treated the worst of the skin infection.

However, he is still now prone to bouts of leg swelling and has to wear support stockings and has to ensure that he raises his leg on a frequent basis to avoid water retention and swelling.

As a result, he is unable to perform his previous physical job and had to give it up for a desk bound role. He is also unable to undertake much of his usual physical activities at home such as DIY, gardening and helping with household chores.

He instructed solicitors with an argument that his employer had not provided explicit instruction advising that the digger buckets should not be moved manually, nor had they provided alternative advice with regards to how this equipment could be collected in circumstances where it would prove difficult due to location and available space allowing for collection using machinery.

Having investigated the claim, and the site where the incident took place, we calculated his losses which included the physical suffering caused following the incident and the long term impact on his lifestyle due to having to be less physically active.

We were pleased to have secured a settlement of £37,500 for him following his accident at work.

Whether work involves working in an office at a desk, or more manual physical work, employees are entitled to being able to perform their job in a safe environment with employers responsible for their health and safety during working hours.

While most of us go to work without incident, having an accident at work can happen and can lead to significant and long lasting injury, as was the case with this client.

With a significant number of years’ experience in personal injury, we were able to ascertain the future effects of his injury in order to fully quantify the value of the compensation he deserved.

Instructing personal injury specialists, rather than a generalist legal practitioner, can make a substantial difference to whether an injured party’s physical and financial needs are adequately covered following a serious accident at work.

Having knowledge of the future effects of his accident allowed for a full and final settlement to be agreed which was both fair, and realistic, according to his short and long term needs.

Linder Myers has a well-established team of personal injury specialists with in excess of 200 years’ collective experience in this area of law securing millions of pounds of compensation for clients every year including for accidents at work.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a more traditional personal relationship with our clients. Getting to know them and their case better, with the same solicitor dealing with a matter from start to finish, so that we can ensure that they get the full level of compensation they are entitled to and are kept updated every step of the way.

We treat our clients as people, not numbers.

If you have been significantly injured in an accident within the past three years, our team can help. Our personal injury lawyers will always advise what is best for you, contact a member of our team on 0161 832 6972 or email a summary of your claim, with your contact details, to

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