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International legal services

Linder Myers provides truly international legal services and advice.

At Linder Myers we are proud to be a member of Consulegis, an international network of law firms with more than 1,700 lawyers in over 150 cities across the world.

ConsulegisManaging cases with intercontinental and cross-border legal considerations, supported by a referral network spanning 40 countries, our membership allows us to provide our clients with a truly international approach to law and a range of international legal services. Meeting our client’s needs, wherever they may be.

A fully-managed and governed professional network with a head office in Zurich, member firms of the Consulegis network are assessed, before entry, on the basis of proven reputation, integrity and independence. All members adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct.

Consulegis is based on the principle that the commercial world is shrinking and that it is desirable, and beneficial for clients that their professional advisors have access to a cohesive highly professional international network of like-minded firms, and can call on the resource and expertise of lawyers they can trust.

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