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£5,664 claim for teenager injured on work placement

Julie, a teenager from Surrey was recently awarded £5,664 after an injury suffered on a work placement.

Julie, who was 16 year’s old was on a two week work experience placement at a teenage play area which consisted  of climbing frames, a rock wall, a fireman’s pole, nets and tunnels.

As part of her placement she was  instructed by her manager to climb onto the apparatus in order to clean them.

Having done as requested, the only way back down to the ground level was for Julie to descend the fireman pole which was 7 feet high. In doing so she fell and landed awkwardly on the floor and twisted her ankle resulting in a lot of pain.  First aid assistance was given but although she asked for an ambulance, the manager failed to request one.

Julie’s mother subsequently transported her to hospital where she was diagnosed with a broken left ankle and broken left foot. As a result of which her foot was in plaster for several weeks.

On her behalf, our personal injury specialists argued that the work experience placement had failed to carry out any or a sufficient risk assessment – or indeed any training – and as such there was a breach of the Occupiers Liability Act 1957.

Julie continued to have problems with her ankle which required an initial medical report and then a follow up medical report, further x-rays and physiotherapy. The claim was eventually settled in the sum of £5,664 for the injury and financial losses arising from the accident plus payment of reasonable legal costs.

*Names have been changed

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