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Maternity Action report reveals 1 in 20 new mothers made redundant

Maternity Action have released a report on how women are being unfairly dismissed while on maternity leave, returning from work and even during pregnancy.

They have reported that every year, more than 500,000 pregnant women are in the workplace, and the current legal framework for protecting their employment rights is insufficient, with women high at risk of redundancy particularly during pregnancy and on return from maternity leave.

The report recommends that the UK adopts a similar style of redundancy protection as the one used in Germany. This would mean that women must not be made redundant from the time they have notified their employer of their pregnancy through to six months after they return to work, with limited exceptions.

In a report conducted in 2016 by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, it was found that 11% of mothers lost their jobs as a result of maternity discrimination each year – which is around 54,000 women.

It is automatically unfair to dismiss a woman or to select her for redundancy when the reason for the dismissal (or selection for redundancy) is connected to her pregnancy or statutory maternity leave. It is also automatically unfair to dismiss her or select her for redundancy during Ordinary Maternity Leave or Additional Maternity Leave for a reason connected to the fact that she has given birth.

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