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How to plan a trouble free office Christmas party


Under the Equality Act 2010, employers can be held liable for employee actions at a work organised Christmas party.

The safest way to avoid any unwanted shenanigans is not to organise any form of office party at all. However with prior planning, employers can work to steer clear of any potential liability and also avoid being labelled as the Grinch.

So that you can avoid any of the above behaviour from taking place at your upcoming Christmas party, Linder Myers employment law solicitors recommend that you:

  • Check that your anti-harassment and equal opportunities policies are up-to-date and legally compliant
  • Include a specific sexual harassment policy within your equal opportunities policies
  • Make sure that all employees are fully aware of the policies and the disciplinary consequences of their behaviour
  • Train all managers and supervisors in equal opportunities and harassment issues so that they know what to do if trouble arises
  • Effectively deal with any complaints that do arise and ensure that appropriate disciplinary action is taken if necessary

If you would like any further employment law advice in time for your office Christmas party, get in contact with Linder Myers solicitors on 0844 984 6444.

Our employment department can offer you honest and impartial advice and support to help you to avoid the risk of any possible disputes or Employment Tribunals being pursued against your business, allowing your Christmas party to run smoothly and without any unwanted trouble.

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