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The number of mismanaged Wills triples leaving many potentially out of pocket

According to the High Court, the number of mismanaged Will claims has more than tripled over the last 12 months. The figures, which cover a range of disputes from the mishandling of Wills to fraudulent distribution of a loved one’s assets following their death, send a stark warning of the potential consequences of not using specialist lawyers.

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The importance of remembering those affected by dementia

Imagine the scene - you go into your bedroom to find it has been redecorated in colours you don't like and your belongings have been moved around and now you can’t find anything. Some of your prized possessions may have been thrown out. You would probably feel a bit lost or confused, but mostly upset and angry. You would eventually work it out, but that is because your brain would be telling you what to do and where to look. The brain doesn't work in the same way for individuals who are sadly affected by dementia.

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Asbestos victims’ rights are, and should, be protected

There has been a lot of recent media coverage about asbestos claims - specifically relating to a Government review into how mesothelioma claims are dealt with. This mostly relates to deductions being made from individual’s much needed compensation. It was planned that some elements of the legal costs of pursuing the claim in the first place should also come out of the final settlement, but this has now thankfully been shelved.

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New NHS mediation service may leave injured patients short changed

Last week the NHS Litigation Authority (the body which deals with clinical negligence claims against the national health service) announced its new mediation scheme run in co-ordination with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). The new scheme offers a mediation service in an attempt to settle clinical negligence claims relatively quickly through a series of round table meetings between the parties involved. For those who have been sadly injured due to negligence at the hands of medical experts, this may seem an attractive option as it promises to settle claims against the NHS quickly.

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If at first you don’t succeed….why the devil is in the detail in order to win an asbestos related claim

Sadly, for those who are now experiencing illness as a result of exposure to asbestos going back several decades, it has become harder to secure the deserved compensation as insurance companies become increasingly litigious.

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Flour poses a potential risk for bakery workers

Many of us enjoy bread freshly baked at our local supermarkets. However, for the staff baking the bread the results may be less than appetising.

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Government move giving children a voice in court hearings is positive news for families

Justice minister Simon Hughes recently announced that children will have a say in family proceedings in England and Wales in the future during a Voice of the Child annual conference.

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Report finds surgery patients could be exposed to mad cow disease

A recent report from the House of Commons’, Science and Technology committee has caused increased patient concern after it has come to light that patients are at risk of contracting the human variant of mad cow disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease [CJD], during surgery.

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Access to justice for personal injury victims still a concern despite recent report

Last week the Legal Services Board, the independent body responsible for overseeing the regulation of lawyers in England and Wales, released findings of an investigation into access to justice for personal injury victims during the period 1999 to 2013.

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Will Aviva’s new proposals leave victims of whiplash short of much needed compensation?

Earlier this month multinational insurance company Aviva released proposals to abolish cash compensation payouts for individuals making claims for whiplash injuries. In its ‘Road to Reform’ report, Aviva set out plans to reduce the cost of motor insurance while best compensating victims of whiplash. Blaming a ‘compensation culture’ for triggering a flood of claims, Aviva proposes that the only compensation given in whiplash cases should be for medical rehabilitation - abolishing cash payouts for victims of such 'minor' neck injuries.

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