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Sian Morris, Linder Myers Solicitors, charity cycle

Healthy body, Beautiful Minds for local solicitor

Linder Myers medical negligence legal executive Sian Morris completed a charity cycle from Sheffield to Cleethorpes and back on Sunday 20th July completing the challenge in 10 hours and five minutes.

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A pro-active approach to equality and diversity in the workplace is essential

In light of recent cases brought in the Employment Tribunal, employers need to be aware that a less than proactive approach to ensuring equality and diversity in the workplace could prove costly.

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Suggested matrimonial law simplifications could prove costly for many families

The House of Lords has recently heard a private members’ bill which seeks to simplify the process of divorce. The proposed changes could harm more families than they help however, according to family law specialists at Linder Myers Solicitors.

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Is it ethical to report personal details of a divorce simply because the financial stakes are high?

It has recently been reported that the media have requested, and been granted by the High Court, the right to report on billionaire hedge fund owner Sir Christopher Hohn’s divorce following a 17 year marriage which produced four children.

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A word of caution before getting on your bike this summer

Cycling fever has well and truly hit the UK. With millions of us turning out to watch the Tour de France’s ‘Grand Départ’ in Yorkshire last weekend, national cycling coach Dave Brailsford is hopeful that the race will encourage more of us to get on our bikes and transform Britain into a “cycling nation”. Unfortunately however, any increase in the popularity of cycling as a result of the Tour de France (not to mention the glorious summer weather) is likely to be met with a corresponding rise in the number of bike accidents.

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Financial abuse by a family member – how to protect yourself

This week a Shropshire fraudster has been told to pay back the £8,000 life savings he stole from his mother-in-law. In what the magistrates overseeing the case called "an unpleasant breach of trust", the son-in law regularly withdrew money from his unsuspecting victim's post office account to pay off his mounting debts until his wife discovered the theft and reported him to the police.

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To disclose or not to disclose - Bitcoin and divorce.

According to recent press reports, the electronic currency Bitcoin could be used as a means of hiding assets by divorcing spouses.

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Will greater clarity on the Mitchell guidance open the floodgates on historic relief from sanctions appeals?

The new approach and clearly defined guidance in relation to how the judiciary will now deal with relief from sanctions is a breath of fresh air and has been largely met with a sigh of relief from the legal profession.

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Botched operation leaves man with significant scarring and permanent prostate and bladder damage

Forty six year old Richard Spooner, previously a full time plumber and training electrician for Salford City Council, suffered serious injuries to his bladder and prostate during an operation at the Manchester Royal Infirmary which left him with severely damaged nerve endings and needing a permanent catheter.

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Linder Myers welcomes today's Court of Appeal decision on relief from sanctions

Today’s decision will have a significant impact on litigation cases going forward and is a hugely positive move for the profession as a whole.

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