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Have you been affected by The Kingstown Furniture Administration?

The staff at Kingstown furniture based in Hull, arrived at work on Wednesday morning to be told they had lost their jobs with immediate effect.

Have you been affected by The Dawnus Group Administration?

Today, 15th March, the group has announced that it is no longer is position to operate due to financial difficulties. Key individuals are being retained on a temporarily basis to support the required work.

Better Bathrooms goes into administration

If you have been affected by the Better Bathrooms administration news, you may wish to speak to a member of our team regarding Mass Redundancies and Protective Awards sooner rather than later.

Restrictive Covenants and Solicitors/Law Firms

It is common for firms of Solicitors to have restrictive covenants in the contracts of employment of their staff. Clearly, Solicitors have a legitimate business interest in protecting their confidential information and client and referrer connections

Are changes on the horizon for the ‘Gig Economy’ workers?

Last week the Labour government made an announcement that they would boost the employment rights of the ‘gig economy’ workers.

Metamorph Group Limited acquires Verisona Law

Metamorph Group Limited has acquired leading Hampshire legal practice, Verisona Law, with offices in Portsmouth, Waterlooville and Gosport, the latter trading as Donnelly & Elliott.

Is calling someone a profanity at work harassment or office banter?

Harassment is a form of unlawful discrimination and can include behaviour that individuals find offensive even if it's not directed at them, and even if they do not have the relevant protected characteristics themselves. It is important for an employer to be able to recognise harassment in the workplace to reduce the risk of an employee lodging an employment tribunal claim against them. Therefore it is in every employer’s interest to promote a safe, healthy and fair environment in which people can work in.

Mass Redundancies and Protective Awards

When a firm makes more than 20 or 100 people redundant such as through closing down a factory site, very special rules apply as to an employer’s obligations to its workforce. Failure on the Employer’s part such as when closures occur out of the blue and almost overnight can lead to employees being able to make a claim even if the company has gone into administration or liquidation and the company no longer exists. Most typically the claim is for what is known as a Protective Award.

Vicarious liability at Christmas: work, the party and the after-party

Christmas is almost upon us…as are the much awaited office Christmas parties. Whilst no one wants to be the office scrooge and detract away from the positivity of such an event, employers should be aware of their potential liabilities.

UK class action for data breach against Google in difficulty

A class action brought in the UK by campaign group “Google You Owe Us” was blocked in the High Court yesterday (Monday 8th October 2018). They allege that in 2011/12 Google bypassed privacy settings on Apple iPhone handsets and collected data about millions of people in contravention of the Data Protection Act 1998. The High Court was told that the information collected by Google included data about race, sexuality, political leanings and social class.

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