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Maternity Action report reveals 1 in 20 new mothers made redundant

Maternity Action have released a report on how women are being unfairly dismissed while on maternity leave, returning from work and even during pregnancy.

Linder Myers – Legal 500 Directory

Linder Myers is proud to feature in the Legal 500 legal directory. Each year the Legal 500 directory undertake an independent, full and comprehensive analysis of law firms across the United Kingdom in order to assess the best law firms across the country and by region.

What happens when a Company is left without officers?

A private company limited by shares is a legal entity that has no physical presence. It can only act through its directors and at least one of them must be a natural person. So what happens when the sole director of a company dies? How will the company continue to trade if there is no officer to act on its behalf?

Can I be made redundant on maternity or sick leave?

What happens if, during an employee’s absence on maternity leave, an employer discovers that an employee had not been doing the work they should have been doing or, alternatively, finds that their maternity cover replacement is much better at the job?

How “cool” are you about offering a cooling-off period to your customers?

A consumer is a person who purchases goods, services or digital content for their personal use and not as part of their business, profession, trade or craft. Law considers consumers to be in a weaker bargaining position in relation to traders and therefore offers them broader protections in an effort to bring balance to the trader-consumer relationship.

Suspending an employee: what do you need to know?

It is a practice of many employers to suspend employees who they suspect have committed an act of gross or serious misconduct. However, many employers are unaware that by suspending an employee they may be exposing themselves to claims for constructive unfair dismissal.

BBC breakfast bulletin: The right to be forgotten

One of the lead stories on BBC 1 Breakfast this morning was about the overhaul of UK data protection laws. British citizens will soon have more rights to control what is done with personal information about them. The UK data protection watchdog is also to get new powers and will be able to levy higher fines.

10 things you should know about holiday pay

Holiday pay legislation is a hot topic for many and as businesses and workers start planning leave for the summer holidays, it is essential to know the basics of holiday rights in employment. Here are 10 key facts which you should know.

Should you grant an extension of time?

During the life of a Court dispute, it is often the case that parties will be asked to grant an extension or will be seeking an extension of time to take a particular step. What should you do?

Sleep-in workers – is a person working simply by being present?

A hot topic within the employment sector is the question of whether ‘sleeping time’ should be classed as ‘working time’ for the purpose of National Minimum Wage Regulations (NMWR). The aim of this deliberation is to determine whether employees should be paid for hours spent sleeping whilst technically being ‘at work’. Many would declare that their dream job would be getting paid to sleep, but is there a valid argument to support this?

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