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Motorbike accident judgement – landmark decision in Powell v Moody

The motorbike accident case of Powell v Moody 1966 is often raised in road traffic accidents involving motorcyclists.

The circumstances of the accident were that a motorbike was slowly overtaking two lanes of traffic when a lorry which had waved a car on the side street to pull out on to the main road in front of him. As the car pulled across the front of the lorry to turn in front of it the motorbike collided with it.

The judge in that case concluded that the motorbike rider must be incredibly careful when overtaking when he cannot see what is in front of him.

The case is unique in that liability was settled on a 80%–20% in favour of the car driver who pulled out of the side street when ordinarily anyone pulling out of a side street onto the main road would be held 100% at fault for the accident.

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