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Man significantly injured in a motorbike accident recieves £465,000

According to the Department of Transport, individuals who have a motorbike accident are 38 times more likely to be killed on the roads than car drivers when an accident occurs.

In 2013 alone, 331 individuals sadly lost their lives while a further 4,866 were seriously injured following a motorbike accident on Britain’s roads.

We recently acted for a client who was hit at a junction by a car travelling at considerable speed crossing through a red light. He suffered multiple orthopaedic injuries as a result and has amnesia and psychological problems following the accident.

Aged in his mid-30’s at the time and working full time in a well-paid position, he found himself in hospital as an in-patient for one month after with severely restricted mobility for several months.

He had suffered injuries to his head, lumber spine, shoulders, right foot and left knee and rehabilitation was required to get him back on his feet. He couldn’t move around in his own home without using a stick and he needed a wheelchair when he left the house.

He was unable to return to work for several months and fell behind in his mortgage payments incurring bank fines as a result.

While a motorbike accident can be over in a matter of seconds, the damage can last for several months, and sometimes can affect people for the remainder of their lives.

We made a personal injury claim on his behalf to recover not only compensation for his physical and psychological injuries, but also his loss of earnings, all expenses incurred as a result of the accident (including his damaged bike and clothes) and all the monies spent by both him, and his family during his hospital stay.

While the other side argued over some of the monies being included in his compensation claim, we successfully recovered a total of £465,000 making a significant difference.

If you’re a motorbike enthusiast, the government’s Think campaign provides some useful advice on road safety at

If you, or someone you know, is affected by a motorbike accident, our team of personal injury specialists have significant expertise in these types of claims and can help to get you back on the road to recovery.

Contact a member of our team for more advice.

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Written by Mark Howarth. Find out more about Mark here. 

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