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Bed sore claims

If you have developed a bed sore as a result of medical negligence, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim.

Bed sores are typically preventable. When an isolated area of skin is subject to repeated periods of pressure, the blood supply becomes restricted and soft tissue begins to die. Known to be extremely painful, an ulcer can lead to tissue necrosis, infection and even death in the severest cases.

Those most likely to suffer from bed sores include patients confined to a bed or chair, those recovering from major surgery and individuals with high BMIs. Also, incontinent patients have a higher risk of getting pressure sores as moisture is known to hasten the onset of ulcers.

Patients often develop the condition when medical professionals fail to adhere to the strict national guidelines in place. In order to prevent the onset or worsening of sores, medical professionals are expected to monitor those patients most at risk. This careful assessment can help to protect individuals, ensuring that their skin remains healthy and intact.

However, if there has been a breach in this duty of care which has resulted in the development of a bed sore, the individual or a family member may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.
Specialist medical negligence solicitors

If a pressure ulcer has been caused by medical malpractice such as negligence in surgery aftercare or improper treatment when bedbound, Linder Myers can help patients and their families obtain justice for their claim.

The amount of compensation received will usually depend on the severity of the bed sore. At Linder Myers, our specialist medical negligence solicitors are able to provide extensive legal support and advice to ensure that you achieve the compensation you deserve.

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