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Buying or selling a property

We are specialist property lawyers who are familiar with every stage of buying and selling a property. Our dedicated team of property lawyers will guide you through these steps, making your move as smooth as possible.

Help to Buy

Our friendly and solution focused lawyers will:

  • Order all conveyancing searches
  • Liaise with chains of sellers and buyers
  • Put you in touch with a surveyor if needed
  • Liaise with your mortgage lender or broker
  • Advice on the contract, the property title, search results and any other issues which may arise

Additionally, we are members of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme which is the only recognised Quality Standard for residential property legal work.

Moving house can be daunting and the number of stages involved can become confusing, however we aim to make your move hassle fee by ensuring that you are updated at every stage. The stages of a house sale and purchase are set out in our useful guides.

We do our upmost to avoid legal jargon but we appreciate that at some points it cannot be helped. You may find our FAQs and Jargon Buster helpful.

There is nothing better than moving into your new home however there is a lot to think about leading up to the move and on the day itself. Our handy guides may assist you.

We are proud of our reputation as a team that delivers a cost effective, quick and personable service.

Are you eligible to buy the property under the Right to Buy Scheme? We can assist with your right to buy property purchase too. If you and the property are eligible, then the price you will pay will be less than the market price because you will be entitled to a discount. The level of discount depends on where you live, the type of property and how long you have been a tenant.

Buying a property under the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire Scheme involves different procedures than when you are buying a property from another person and there are specific time periods which have to be adhered to. We have specialists within the property team who have years of experience in this area.

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