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Conveyancing Costs

Residential Conveyancing 

We currently partner with a number of organisations to reduce the fees you pay, as part of an Employee Benefit Scheme – if you are unsure whether you are a member of this scheme – please contact your HR department or call our Affinity Manager, Lee Davies on 0800 042 0700.

At Linder Myers, our residential conveyancing solicitors are committed to making your move as cost effective and hassle free as possible. Below is a list of our indicative range of fees, depending on the complexity of your matter.

To receive a quote that is bespoke to your needs, please contact us on 0800 042 0700.

We can help you with:

  • Buying or selling your property
  • Equity Release Schemes
  • Extending your Lease
  • Right to Buy
  • Transfer of Equity
  • Buying a new build property
  • Re-mortgaging a house
  • Help to Buy Schemes – including Help to Buy ISA

Property Value Fixed Fee
Up to £200,000 £450.00 + VAT
£200,001 – £300,000 £550.00 + VAT
£300,001 – £400,000 £650.00 + VAT
£400,001 – £500,000 £750.00 + VAT
£500,001 – £650,000 £825.00 + VAT
£650,001 – £700,000 £875.00 + VAT
£700,001 – £800,000 £925.00 + VAT
£800,000 + 0.15% – 0.20%
  • All the fees shown above are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

Additional fees that may be charged, depending on your individual circumstances: 

Additions Cost
AML Fee £10 + VAT
Lawyercheck £10 + VAT 
Leasehold fee £125 + VAT 
Lenders legal fee £100 + VAT 
TT Fee £30 + VAT 
SDLT form fee £75 + VAT 
New build fee £125 + VAT 
Declaration of trust From £250 + VAT
Freehold with Management Company £125 + VAT 
Statutory Declaration £75 + VAT 
Gifted deposit £50 + VAT 
Help to Buy ISA £50 + VAT 
Unregistered title fee £150 + VAT 

The sorts of things that can arise include whether the property is leasehold or freehold, new build or shared ownership. Other items can include indemnity policies, lease variations, Declarations of Trust and many others. To assist and to give an idea of why the possible fees can vary so much in the table below, you can also click here to see a list of some of the more common additional items that can arise and some indicative costs (available on request).

To obtain an accurate conveyancing quotation bespoke to your transaction, please complete contact us on 0800 042 0700.


Stamp Duty – Properties over £125,000 Please see links below.
Searches – From £250-300 + VAT
Land Registry Fee’s Payable – From £90 + VAT

Finally there are payments that any client will have to make and which should be the same or similar whoever conducts your conveyancing. These are often known as Disbursements but in plain English these are payments that have to be made to third parties to fulfil the requirements for transferring land. They include payments for

  • Stamp Duty (SDLT or Welsh Land Transaction Tax depending on the location of the property). Always remember the tax you pay is self-assessment and we are not tax lawyers and cannot advise. To be sure that you pay the correct amount of tax you should consider taking specialist independent tax advice before committing to any purchase).  Please click here to be taken to the basic HMRC web site calculator or here for the Welsh Land Transaction Tax Calculator
  • Searches (of the local authority, mining searches, drainage searches, land registry searches, environment searches, area development searches and many more). You should budget between £200 and 350 plus VAT for searches depending on location and number and types of searches required
  • Land registry fees payable – again these depend on the type of property its value and whether an electronic submission can be made. Please click here to access the land registry website for details.

Conveyancing Timescales 

Typically 12 – 16 weeks.

All our clients understandably would like certainly as to how long it will take and yet that is the one thing that no conveyancer can give. The average transaction time according to the government has lengthened (due to more vigorous requirements for anti-fraud investigations, money laundering checks and other things such as changes to mortgage regulation etc.) with 12-16 weeks now being the average. Many matters can proceed quicker than this and we will always try and do our best to meet a client’s requirements but please note that this is often not within our control and so no firm commitments should be made to timescales unless and until you have reached exchange of contracts.

To receive a quote that is bespoke to your needs, please contact us on 0800 042 0700.

Referral fees

There may be some instances where referral fees are paid to third parties, such as estate agents panels and mortgage brokers , for the introduction of your business. These fees typically range from £50-£350. Any such fees applicable to your transaction will be disclosed in our formal quote and initial paperwork before you are committed to the transaction.

Remortgage Fee’s 

Fixed Fee £350 + VAT


  • Land registry fees payable – again these depend on the type of property, its value and whether an electronic submission can be made. Please click here to access the land registry website for details.
  • Title Insurance – Between £20 – 30
  • Land Registry and Land Charges Searches – £2 per name and £3 per title
  • No Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • Leasehold fee’s may be charged
  • Additional Fee’s may also be charged for redeeming any second or subsequent mortgages – IE – Any quote assumed repayment of one mortgage only.

Bridging finance, transfers of equity, stair casing, shared ownership, help to buy schemes and non-standard lending will require a bespoke quote – Please contact us on 0800 042 0700

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