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Specialising in three main areas of the law: private client, bodily injury and commercial matters, our ability to provide a unique blend of individual and business legal services is what truly sets us apart from our competitors. That and an unwavering commitment that when you work with us, we’ll make sure you have the best possible experience from the beginning to end.

A short guide to taking in a lodger

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If you are a homeowner considering renting out a room in your home, our residential conveyancing solicitors have created a short guide with some handy advice on how to protect your interests and maximise return.

Common traps people fall into when renting commercial property

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For most businesses, the renting of a commercial property represents a major financial decision. This short guide has been created to provide some helpful tips and advice to guide you through the process and protect your business.

Have you bought goods or services that you are not satisfied with?

Whether you have purchased goods or services in store, over the telephone or via the internet, as a consumer you have rights that protect you from the product or service not being satisfactory.
Kind Words & Warm Applause
Peter Kaye is a natural litigator with the right blend of combative instinct and commercial pragmatism. His warm and humorous personality enables him to get on well with clients but masks a tough and disciplined resolve that gets results. - Peter Kaye – Commercial Litigation Department
“Very good service, I would use this firm again 100%. Kamila was good in communication, I was kept up to date the whole way through.” James Gaydon - Kamila Plader – Personal Injury
“Jon Andrews has been brilliant…throughout our dealings. [He] is approachable and friendly.” - Jon Andrews – Occupational Disease
“I used the Law Society website to contact a number recommended solicitors and Alan Lewis was quick to respond, I was comfortable immediately that he was the right choice. He was able to explain my legal position clearly as well as showing compassion for my personal situation which gave me the confidence to tackle my […] - Alan Lewis – Employment
“I cannot fault Sian Morris and her team at Linder Myers for all their help in sorting out my clinical negligence claim.  I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who needs help in circumstances where there is a possibility of compensation.” Mr Peter Brocklehurst, Chester. - Sian Morris – Medical Negligence
“Thank you for the way you dealt with [my] claim for unfair dismissal. I would highly recommend you in the future for your efficiency, promptness and compassion.” - Alan Lewis – Employment
“Excellent service, excellent communication, swift completion, a pleasure to use this firm.” - Duncan Rawlinson – Conveyancing
“I have had my Will drawn up by Andrew and am very happy with the service and the speed which this has been dealt with.” - Andrew Cuswoth – Trusts & Estates
“I found the service to be professional, confidential, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Thank you Rakhi [for the] regular communication and up to date information.” - Rakhi Chowhan – Personal Injury
“I would like to give a personal thank you to all the staff who had involvement with this case and the professional approach in which has been dealt with. Linder Myers have been 100% successful in winning the case for me, and I am very happy with the financial outcome.”  Neil Goldsmith - Alan Lewis – Employment
Latest news, resources and opinions
  • After working consecutive 12 hour shifts, could you save a life?

    NHS England published its National Nursing Research Unit report recently which showed a significant increase in the number of nurses regularly working 12 hour shifts. The report, which reviewed historical data, showed that ten years ago 31% of staff nurses worked 12 hour shifts increasing to a significant 52% by 2009.

    For many, a normal day at work extends to eight hours. Even working four hours less a day than many nurses leaves most of us tired by the time we get to the end of the week. Few of us have jobs involving sometimes life and death situations where speedy action can make all the difference to someone’s life.

    Putting ourselves in the shoes of today’s nurse, regularly working four hours more each day than the average person, and with regular reports on the increasing demands being placed on the NHS, it’s easy to see how tiredness can lead to significant mistakes.

  • Introduction of Female Genital Mutilation Protection Orders

    This month, a new power came into force enabling the courts to make female genital mutilation protection orders.

    This means that potential or actual victims of female genital mutilation (FGM) can now apply to the Family Courts for a protection order to ensure the necessary steps to guarantee their safety. This includes preventing girls being taken abroad to undergo FGM and the surrender of travel documents and passports.

    As well as the girls themselves, other people who can apply for an order include the Police, Local Authorities, teachers, family members and friends.

  • Overcoming the challenges faced with low exposure asbestos claims

    It has become common for some asbestos claims to be defended on the basis that low exposure to the material did not create a foreseeable risk of injury. When we’re dealing with these types of claims, the defendants often argue that they did not breach their duty to the employee whose health has been significantly affected as a result.

    Even in circumstances when we have evidence to prove that a client’s illness has in fact been caused by exposure to asbestos during the course of their employment several decades earlier, some defendants will rely on a guidance document called the Technical Data Note 13 (TDN 13) to avert responsibility.

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